About Me

I bought and sold my first vintage watch aged 14 and have been hooked ever since.

My focus is on buying and selling good, original, well-preserved examples of rare and collectable vintage watches. I aim to give a highly personal, attentive service, and enjoy developing relationships with collectors, private individuals and fellow dealers both in the UK and worldwide. Based in London, I travel frequently throughout Europe, and for many years have been a regular face at trade shows both at home and abroad, as well as a WTA (Watch Trader Association) member.

 * * *

My journey began early in childhood. I was fortunate to grow up in and around the antiques and collectables business, being taken along to the weekly local auctions, markets and car boot sales by my father, a book dealer and collector. I began trading a wide range of vintage objects and collectables at 14, and soon after bought and sold my first vintage watch. After a spell trading a whole range of items, I quickly specialised and followed my keen interest in and eye for vintage wristwatches, moving onto my first vintage Rolex models at 16.

Leaving school at 17 and declining a university place in favour of practical work experience in the area, I went on to work at a one of London's leading vintage watch specialists for a number of years, across all aspects of the business including extensively in auctions, private sales, sourcing, cataloguing and client advisory work, before deciding to focus on my own work and establishing Alex Stevens Vintage in the winter of 2020.